Our Rates are based on the type of project/work and time required for completion. As such our fees vary from R350 – R550 per hour. Depending on the nature of the work The Assistant charges hourly/per project or on a retainer basis.

HOURLY/PROJECTS – these packages are ideal for ad-hoc work for clients with a minimum charge of one hour. The client is invoiced when work is completed and payment is due on presentation of our invoice.

RETAINERS – these packages are ideal for clients who might require regular work to be done. These retainer packages can be negotiated depending on the estimated hours required for the month. Retainers work on a month-to month basis or pre-determined time and is invoiced in the beginning of the month and payable by the 15th of each month. A thirty-day notice period will be applicable should either party wish to terminate the retainer.

Any additional costs (e.g. visa fees, dry cleaning costs, etc.) are for the client’s account and will be payable as per arrangement between The Assistant and the client.

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“We have worked with Linda over the past five years, during which she has supported us with administrative and organising services for six hours a week. Besides being competent, efficient and thorough, she is empathetic and understands the needs and vulnerabilities of older people. She listens carefully and is able to offer constructive advice when needed. It’s been a great pleasure working with her and she continues to provide us with a superb service.”

Helene & Duncan Innes

Sole proprietors


“Two or three years ago when Linda, with her serious interest in technology and technical skills, walked into my life she brought with her a new dawn of light, cheer, care and reliability.
Her approach is always professional. A deep sense of order coupled with real organisational gifts and skills, she brings generously to every task or problem. This she does with profound respect for the user’s choice. What a pleasure she is!”

Nel Erasmus



Erin comments about The Organizer, sister company to The Assistant, and has the following to say: “Our company has come to rely on the services provided by The Organizer. Linda’s level-headed and methodical approach to doing our company’s books has been exceptional. She is always willing to go the extra mile, works with full discretion and is very reliable and resourceful. I trust her judgement wholeheartedly. Her services are absolutely essential for the smooth running of our accounting.  Thank you, Linda, for all that you have done for us over these past four years.

Erin Tansey

Director, Nemaflash PTY, LTD